Human Tragedies Every Day

by Noostrak

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Album: Human Tragedies Every Day
Format: Digital
Year: 2012
Label: Gothoom Prods.
Genre: Death Metal / Deathcore
Country: Czech Republic

1. Human Tragedies…
2. Unearthing The Warped Frames
3. A Foe Of The Flesh
4. And The Abyss Stood Mute
5. Within The Felon Endearment
6. Beneath The Throes Of Sleep
7. The Bonds
8. …Every Day


released April 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Noostrak Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic

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Track Name: Unearthing The Warped Frames
Time has come for hate to blossom!
You who vexed the flesh embosomed
Here and now, just touch my grudge!
This grisly snare of a homicidal drudge.

Those calls in me discern your fear
Pleading me to make you disappear
Burn the false face of a factitious crest
Before I bring you to shadows in the ruthless nest

Before your warm red feeds this revenge
Before I show you my lovely gun barrel’s bench
My gold-proof jury of sweet Jericho 941
Just try to think up who gave me the fucking gun

You were the one to raise the love in me
Instead of this you vowed me to arms of enmity
Now I‘ve got a bullet for every single heart you broke
Demons in me are yours, I’ll ease you to evoke

Fuck you with your psalms and pharisaic preach
Shut the fuck up father, I am no more your bitch
Just spare your mana, it’s quite a trudge to hell
Who’s the man, now? For whom the bell knells?
Track Name: A Foe Of The Flesh
Wasting the marvels in a marvellous waste
Where beauty‘s nailed by fangs of haste
Oh, such a sickness, on a perfect sick globe
And the man, nesting like a forlorn telescope

The man whose health is a tool of the trade
The man who’s just bones on a grate
Entrapped souls on this bereaved Earth
Candidates of eternity, what a foolish herd

Harming the health by healthy harm
The wheels of decay propelled by devil’s arm
Oh, such a sickness, we’re perfectly sick
Deceiving wits by a plotted gimmick

The man who’s offered a soluble wonder
And said, you need this need, no need to ponder
Yes, this is the man who dwells in grief
Wedding the death, with no hope to reprieve

None’s that fit to dare refuse our remedy
which makes you undying, what a vicious comedy
We’ve built our real world on a nasty lie
What’s already deceased indeed needn’t die
Track Name: And The Abyss Stood Mute
This ain’t the road to deliverance
A passage of shame with a heavy fence
Mourn! Just weep! Like weepers do
I am a headsman. The guilty‘s you!

Just talk to me my tiny traitor
It had to be so sweet to hate her
To trait her, let her die like swine
A pale figurine buried in a brine

In placid waters, there she’s asleep
In dismal quiet, slumbering deep
Awake, you still can hear her moans
On perfect berth for silent bones

Mourn! Just cry! These waves lack salt
This doom in you! Slow fall through fault
Is there a medicine for such a mess
A redress for the soaked cold tress

Years bleed like wound through eyes in tears
A broken, empty kiss on hearse
And you stay still, like the withered throat
A broken guard of the broken oath
Track Name: Within The Felon Endearment
Oppressed by my porcelain wraiths
I am an arrow to the heart of Hades
Ne‘er dismayed from a howling deep
The unfettered I, a derelict to leap

Whist, you images! Lines of fluster and bale
Come, dust my wings, my feathers nailed
Far too much ache I am compelled to bear
I, the grievous one, on a long way to fare

My bonds pertain just to this earth
To the sick fold of it’s peccant herd
Like a saint I preach the spirit, the will
To leave you lone behind my private kill

I’ve always heard to beard the real
With blows to suffer and blows to deal
Now, my wings are rived to make me fade
A freed frame resolved to dissipate

Here I am, just break me down my luck
Be my guide through the reigns of muck
I’ve always heard to beard the foe
Aghast now, in my personal death row
Track Name: Beneath The Throes Of Sleep
There remains a scar after every dream
Get rid of this burden to redeem
Your heart from building useless hopes
As death whispers so life lopes

There remains a hole after every heart
Which fades away in its mortal part
See yourself failing to play out this role
As death calls your darned deathly soul

There remains a dream after every scar
Ridden of the burdens which cruelly mar
Every holey heart by talon of aches
As death calls mischief so life breaks

There remains a heart in every single hole
Ridden of the dreams, mouldered and sole
Broken are the links to the world behind
As death whispers so death binds

There remains the death in your scarry dreams
Ridden of the veil, it’s worse than it deems
When the heart is healed, the scar hurts no more
As death swallows life so life quits being sore
Track Name: The Bonds
Pity the minute you blackened the love
This dead heart‘s a trigger, the back-sight above
In the moment you poached this beauteous heart
You woke my anger in gloom to blast you apart

Repent the eyewink you seamed this mind
Your foul hunger enraged the maws of grind
You’re spineless, thus you need no spine
If life ends at nr. ten, then we’re being at nine

I’ve brought you here to reappraise
Your deeds which took you to this maze
To the mess of mortal harm
A lovely lair of atrocious charm

Be sure, your fright feeds my apathy
You’re not the one to graze on sympathy
What a nice rope we’ve got, a nice chair
The burden of flesh – Too heavy to bear

Is this a penitence what I witness to see
Or just a mockery and mean hypocrisy
This gallows is yours, let’s pray the fucking Lord
Atone the dead with this most private cord